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Is This a Sober Living Home or a Recovery Home?

Recovery Homes, Sober Living and Recovery Residence are interchangeable names for a structured sober living environment! However not all sober living environments are created equal!  Early recovery can be too fragile to remain in an environment where drugs and alcohol are being used.  The Rehmar Recovery Residence offers a comfortable home to those finishing an inpatient or residential treatment program or for those who are in various stages of recovery and need a stable, drug and alcohol free living environment. Our residents can participate in work, school and recovery functions while with us.  Our homes are fully equipped to ensure residents have what they need.


Our Homes Are Dedicated to Bobby and Sydney Rehmar

Bobby Rehmar

Mr. Rehmar’s tireless efforts and contributions to Narcotics Anonymous and the field of addiction treatment will resonate for an eternity. His love and compassion for recovery often motivated him to let new-to-recovery individuals reside in the home he shared with his wife, Sydney.  Due to his selfless work and dedications, we honor him with Bobby’s House.  Mr. Rehmar sadly left our lives in 2008.  We hope to carry on his belief in, and love for, every recovering individual.

Sydney Rehmar

Alongside Bobby, Sydney Rehmar contributed nearly three decades of her life to assist hundreds, if not thousands, of women find and maintain their recovery.  Her contributions to Narcotics Anonymous will never be forgotten.  She too felt compelled to provide a safe environment for those in early recovery.  That love and support was often the catalyst for many to maintain a life of recovery.  Mrs. Rehmar sadly left our lives in 2006.  It is our wish that Sydney’s house embodies all of her qualities and maintains her legacy as a woman in long-term recovery.

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Rehmar Recovery Residences is a sober living environment that is part of the Central Recovery family of companies.  Central Recovery is dedicated to recovery from substance use disorders as well as chronic pain conditions.  This dedication generated the ideas to create direct treatment services managed by Las Vegas Recovery Center as well as a full servicing publishing company, Central Recovery Press.

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