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Chief Executive Officer

Las Vegas Recovery Center


The New Face of Sober Living: Las Vegas Recovery Center Gives the Traditional Recovery Home a Makeover

LAS VEGAS—When people discuss substance-free community housing, they frequently use terms like “sober living house” or “recovery home”. With the re-launching of its new sober residences, Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC) hopes the Southern Nevada community will soon use a new term: “Recovery Residence”.

Originally coined by addiction specialist and author William L. White, a “Recovery Residence”, by LVRC’s definition, is a sophisticated and supportive substance-free living environment that provides residents with “regular monitoring, supervision, and recovery support services for any stage of recovery”.

LVRC’s recovery residences are managed as a continuum of care by professionals and dedicated staff who manage the centers other widely acclaimed services. Residents of Rehmar Recovery Residence’s homes can benefit from many of the services offered to LVRC’s inpatient and outpatient residents, including the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP).

“Rehmar Recovery Residence provides a level of care that many people new in recovery need,” says Alvin Elliot, Residential Services Manager at Rehmar Recovery Residence and Alumni Coordinator at Las Vegas Recovery Center. “It’s a safe place for people to live and start their journey toward a new life.”

In order to ensure safety and fully support residents in their recovery, Rehmar Recovery Residence enforces a strict set of housing rules. All residents must adhere to a curfew and attend a daily 12-step meeting and weekly house meetings.

Residents can also enjoy several amenities not commonly provided by sober living homes, including:

  • Transportation to outpatient and day treatment

  • The option of a private room

  • Peer and support recovery services

  • Residency in an upscale community

  • Oversight by professional addiction treatment center staff

  • Easy access to LVRC addiction treatment services should a relapse occur or extra assistance be needed

It is Las Vegas Recovery Center’s hope that Rehmar Recovery Residence will be able to meet Southern Nevada’s demand for safe and high-quality sober residences. Many who leave treatment struggle to find housing that will support them in their recovery. Frequently, the newly sober are forced to either return back to the same dysfunctional environments that may have caused them to drink or use in the first place or else move into less-than-desirable sober living homes. Returning or relocating to such an environment can lead to relapse, which defeats the purpose, according to Elliott.

“I tell clients all the time that your goal should be not to have to come back through treatment,” he states. As he explains in it can be a challenge for people to find a balance between their “hectic lives” and their new life in recovery. “What Rehmar Recovery House provides for you is a step-down level, almost like a ‘softer landing’, he further explains. “You don’t have to be rushed to go back home…We provide a safe, comfortable environment here. We provide an opportunity for you to get to know yourself.”

Las Vegas Recovery Center hopes members of the Southern Nevada Community will get to know Rehmar Recovery Residence. Visit the website at to learn more about the residence’s mission, amenities and locations.


Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC), Central Recovery’s flagship inpatient treatment center, is world-renowned for its opioid-free, inpatient chronic pain treatment program and a complete continuum of addiction treatment programs. Since 2003, the experienced and compassionate staff at LVRC has helped thousands of individuals, families, and concerned others discover recovery through innovative and evidence-based treatments for addiction and chronic pain.

Led by CEO, John Seeland, JD, MBA/MHA and award-winning doctor, author, and Medical Director, Mel Pohl, MD, FASAM, LVRC’s inpatient chronic pain treatment program and addiction treatment programs continue to influence many other respected and recognized treatment centers worldwide. Las Vegas Recovery Center is located in an intimate, residential setting located near the base of the Spring Mountains in Southern Nevada.

In addition to inpatient and chronic pain treatment programs, Las Vegas Recovery Center also offers a family program, intensive outpatient programs, recovery homes (Bobby’s House and Sydney’s House), a residential treatment facility, and a robust alumni program.

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