How We Operate

Clinical Support

Most recovery homes found throughout the country are independent of traditional substance use disorder programs. They can lack clinical expertise in supporting people in early recovery. Sober living at The Rehmar Recovery Residence is different in the respect that the homes are part of Sierra Sage Recovery Services outpatient treatment program. This allows for monitoring and support by SSRS’s expert clinical team.

Program Structure

Even though staying in our Recovery Residence provides much of the same freedoms as home, we have developed a structure to aid in building a foundation in recovery. We must also ensure that our homes stay recovery-oriented and focused to allow for individuals to stay sober.

Maintain a clean and comfortable environment. Chores will be assigned.

Length of stay in any one of the Rehmar Recovery Residence varies.  We ask that you commit to at least a one month stay. An average length of stay is four months, but it can exceed twelve months, depending on various factors.

Weekly house meetings with staff to discuss recovery progress, barriers, and house-related topics.

A curfew of 10:00 pm, seven days a week, unless prior arrangements are made. Typically exceptions are work-related.

Twelve-Step meeting attendance is mandatory to remain as a resident. We expect a minimum of five twelve-step meetings per week


Prescription narcotic medication or other medications that are shown to be habit-forming are not permitted. Any items that contain alcohol are not permitted, including over-the-counter cold medications, mouthwash, and alcohol products for preparing meals. Discuss any cold medications with the house manager.

All prescribed medication must be taken as prescribed, and residents are responsible for taking care of their own medication and keeping it in a secure location.

Medications may be counted to confirm the accuracy of doses taken. Loss of medication or deviation from the prescribed dosage will not be tolerated and will be grounds for residency termination.

Staff is to be informed of all medications, and all medications must be listed on client medication records.

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